Innovating the Future of Retail

Transform your stores and operations for the digital age. Our retail experts combine deep industry experience with leading edge technologies to help retailers thrive now and into the future.

Leveraging AI to Improve Retail Efficiency

By implementing AI-enabled inventory and workforce management, we’ve improved our in-stock position by over 5% while also optimizing labor costs. The boost in sales and margin has delivered an extremely fast ROI.

Retail is a dynamic industry with constantly changing consumer demand signals and operating conditions. Our data scientists work closely with retailers to:

  • Forecast demand more accurately using historical data, events, promotions, seasonality, weather, and other signals
  • Optimize inventory across warehouses and stores using AI-enabled demand sensing
  • Automatically create labor schedules that align staffing levels to expected store traffic
  • Uncover insights from point-of-sale and operational data to guide everything from merchandising to loss prevention

The results are less out-of-stock positions, right-sized labor budgets, and the ability to nimbly respond to changing conditions for profitable growth.

Reimagining the Customer Experience

By integrating digital and physical experiences, we’ve seen online sales grow 15% and in-store conversion improve 10%. Customers love engaging with our brand across channels.

Delivering seamless unified commerce is critical in today’s omni-channel environment. Our experts can help you:

  • Create personalized experiences across channels drawing from unified customer data
  • Choose optimal customer engagement models balancing bricks, clicks, apps and online
  • Integrate mobile technology to improve in-store experiences
  • Update stores to interact with customers in new ways leveraging the latest innovations

The outcome is sustainably higher sales from delighted customers who keep coming back.

Driving Digital Transformation

Digital disruption continues to accelerate in retail. Our strategists and technologists help retailers:

  • Assess emerging digital innovations and evaluate potential business impact
  • Devise digital transformation strategies to compete now and into the future
  • Implement change initiatives from customer-centric design to agile software development
  • Align operating models, upskill staff, and transform culture around ongoing innovation

The result is an organization positioned to continuously adapt at the pace of digital change.

Let’s explore how technology can help transform your stores, operations and business for the future. Contact us to get started.