Consulting for the Future of Fintech

Become an agile, insights-driven business leveraging emerging technologies. Our experts help fintech leaders reimagine and transform their organizations for long-term success.

Accelerating Lending with AI

Using machine learning and alternative data, we built a credit model that improved approval rates by 10% while reducing defaults. The boost in revenue exceeded the project cost in under 6 months.

Lending remains core to fintech business models. Yet legacy processes limit growth and expose companies to risk. Our data scientists work closely with your team to:

  • Build highly accurate credit models integrating bureau data, application data and alternative sources
  • Continuously monitor model performance and refine strategies to balance risk and reward
  • Operationalize models into user-friendly tools that seamlessly integrate with your platforms

The results are increased automation, improved insights and the ability to say “yes” more often—all while keeping profits and customers safe from harm.

Blockchain for Digital Trust

We implemented a private blockchain network that reduced settlement times from days to minutes. The increased liquidity and transparency has been a huge win for us and our partners.

Blockchain’s digital trust capabilities are creating excitement but many struggle to capture the benefits. Our experts specialize in blockchain strategy, assessment, design and deployment. We work with you to:

  • Identify use cases that deliver true business value, not just hype
  • Design and implement appropriate blockchain solutions integrating seamlessly with legacy systems
  • Manage change and train staff to leverage new capabilities and processes
  • Define governance and select optimal blockchain protocols and technologies

The outcome is reduced settlement risk, improved liquidity, operational efficiencies, transparency and trust with ecosystem partners.

AI to Fuel Your Competitive Advantage

Embedding machine learning into our platforms has improved efficiency by over 20%. The time savings allow our people to focus on more complex and strategic tasks where human judgment matters most.

AI is transforming financial services. Leading companies are already using AI to automate processes, uncover insights from data, engage customers in new ways and make expert systems accessible to all. Our experts can help you:

  • Audit existing workflows and processes to identify automation and augmentation opportunities
  • Design AI solutions that integrate seamlessly into your technology environment
  • Enable faster model development cycles and continuous learning through MLOps
  • Upskill staff and define operating models that balance AI and human talents
  • Ensure solutions comply with regulations and maintain customer trust

The reward is improved efficiency, quality and speed-to-market. You gain a competitive edge while allowing your people to focus on innovation and building strong customer relationships.

Let’s discuss how emerging technologies can help you gain a competitive advantage and reposition your organization for the future.